Take The Leap From

Property Investor To Property Developer

Discover the exact Property Development System I used to go from "newbie" to successfully developing 7 projects worth a combined $35.9 million in under 5 years… including one 'no money down' deal that put $273,000 in my pocket.


Amber Khanna Founder, Property Development System

Take The Leap From Property Investor To Property Developer

Discover the exact Property Development System I used to go from “newbie” to successfully developing 7 projects worth a combined $35.9 million in under 5 years… including one ‘no money down’ deal that put $273,000 in my pocket.


Amber KhannaFounder, Property Development System

“I am convinced this is the best property development course – the most realistic, comprehensive program ever created – to show how almost anyone can replace your income and create the life you’ve always wanted as a property developer.”

– Amber Khanna

The Traditional Approach To Learning Property Development Is Broken

My name is Amber Khanna, and like many budding property developers, I had read all the books (hundreds of them), been to all the seminars, bought a wardrobe full of expensive property development courses, and even paid $35k for personal coaching.

But I felt like all this education was getting me nowhere. I’d sit in front of my computer for hours every night, haphazardly researching properties. But I still didn’t have the knowledge (or confidence) to put my first development deal together. Frankly, I felt stuck.

Three Reasons Most People Get Stuck Trying To Get Started In Property Development

  • 1

    Most Seminars Are Thinly Disguised Sales Pitches

    Reason # 1

    Most property development seminars are just thinly disguised sales pitches, where they shamelessly round you up and pressure you to whip out your wallet…

  • 2

    Most Mentoring Programs Are Lead By People Who Don't Want To Help You

    Reason # 2

    Most expensive 1-on-1 property development mentoring programs are led by people who are more interested helping themselves than helping you. They are often hard to get hold of, fail to return phone calls and emails, and make you chase them for basic help…

  • 3

    Most Courses Never Explain Actually How To Do It

    Reason # 3

    Most property development courses go into plenty of detail about what you should be doing, BUT NEVER EXPLAINING HOW TO DO IT…

My Experience Trying To Learn Property Developing

While all the property development books and courses I was learning from were rich in inspirational stories, they were extremely vague about how to actually make it happen. There was certainly no step-by-step system to plug into. And that was what I really needed!

I wondered if it was my fault. Was I missing something? I mean, the speakers made it look so easy. Why couldn’t I figure it out?

I was left feeling frustrated, deflated and demoralised. But I soon discovered, it wasn’t just me. There were lots of other people in an identical situation.

Some eventually gave up. Others speculated on risky mining town properties that severely backfired. But most stayed stuck in the same vicious cycle – continually attending property development seminars and buying property development courses… but never able to gain any traction at all.

How I Got Unstuck And Became A Property Developer (And How You Can Too)

I was sick of all the hype. And tired of just learning the theory of property development from books, seminars, and courses. So, I committed to do something every day to move towards getting my first project underway. I documented everything I did in a journal – the actions I took, the challenges I faced, the solutions I tried, the answers I found, and the mistakes I made.

As you can imagine, this journal soon became a pretty detailed ‘playbook’ for developing property (remember, I was qualified to be an accountant, so I’m a pretty detailed guy!). It contained all my strategies, checklists, scripts, formulas, and worksheets. And it gave me the confidence I needed to ‘pull the trigger’ on my first deal (a 9 Apartment Development in Windsor, Brisbane).

I continued to refine my system as I leveraged the profits from this property into 6 more developments over the next 5 years including…

A ‘No-Money-Down’ Property Development Project That Put $273,000 In My Pocket

That’s right – in under 5 years I went from being a complete ‘newbie’ to putting together $35.9 million in property developments and earning $515,000 profit, plus assets that generate $44,200 a year, in passive income. And I haven’t stopped since. Naturally, my friends and family were curious about what I was doing. They watched me put these deals together. And as you’d expect, they soon wanted to know how I was doing it. So, I shared my journal with them – all the mind maps, flow charts, and detailed instructions showing how I had replaced my income and grown my wealth using property. They could hardly believe it. And they asked me to teach them my system so they could make money developing property too. They became the first students in my Property Development Course.

I quickly realised that my other developer friends were eager to learn the nitty-gritty details of my development projects and what was working for me.

Finally, A Step-By-Step Course For Making Money In Property Development

Just imagine if you could get your hands on a proven, step-by-step process for finding, developing, and profiting from property deals – quickly and easily… Consider the confidence you would have with a collection of checklists, templates, worksheets, scripts and flow charts that guided you in every step of the development process… And think about how your life would change if you had a proven blueprint to replace your income and grow your wealth through property development.

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The PDS Property Development Course Difference…

Whether you’re an experienced property INVESTOR wanting to take the leap into DEVELOPING property, or a complete ‘newbie’ like I was (I had never renovated or invested in property before putting my first development deal together), my PDS Property Development Course allows you to replace your income and grow your wealth through property development.

And while other books, courses, and coaching programs tell you WHAT to do, this Property Development Course explains exactly HOW to do it. PDS is the exact system – all the documents, checklists, and processes — I used to make $515,000 profit, plus assets that generate an additional $44,200 a year in passive income, in under 5 years.

It’s the exact system I use today to find, scrutinise, and successfully complete property development deals. And for a short time, I’m making everything available to you in this Property Development Course so you can replace your income and grow your wealth through property development.

The PDS Property Development Course Goes Into Intricate Detail To Show You:

  • Property Development 101

    Discover if you have what it takes to become a property developer by taking a powerful test that reveals if you’re suited for this game or not… so you can get straight onto the road to success, even if you don’t become a developer.

  • How To Perform A Financial Feasibility Analysis

    Find your next deal with a simple 3-step system that makes it effortless to analyse if an area is worth developing or not… so you can have your first development up and running in no time.

  • Conduct Due Diligence The Smart Way

    I can show you how to maximise value (as well as your profit), what risks are involved, and how to gather all the information you need before you sign a contract… so you can avoid any unnecessary risks.

  • Painless Property Development Finance

    I’ll show you the quickest and easiest way to analyse and understand the numbers (without getting bogged down in theory)… so you can spend more time out there making things happen.

  • Negotiation Tactics For Developers

    Purchase the development site and maximise your profits. I’ll show you how I structure my own projects financially to optimise tax & cover my backside, as well as critical negotiation skills… so you can get the best possible deal.

  • How To Get Your Permits Approved

    Simplify the process of obtaining permits. I’ll show you how to fast-track approvals… so your projects are never held up.

  • Marketing Tips For Property Developers

    Tackle marketing and pre-sales the right way. I’ll introduce you to an entire process for organising your pre-sales, and provide priceless tips on pricing and promotion… so you can exponentially increase your profits.

  • Developer’s Guide To Building & Construction

    Master construction just like a pro. I’ll show you exactly what type of contract to be seeking, and also how to handle the tender process and the defects and liabilities… so you never have to worry about getting shafted.

  • Obtaining Property Titles

    Obtain titles potentially worth millions… so you can celebrate happy settlements and make a ton of cash without the delays.

  • Financial Freedom Through Property Development

    Perfect your strategy by focusing on the bigger picture of property development… so you can start living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

  • Property Development Templates

    Create a rock-solid project report to effortlessly orchestrate every single step of projects… so you can become the “go-to person” with other people lining up at your door to partner with you.

  • No-Money Down Deals

    Become a bona fide expert at no-money-down deals. Discover the best ways to structure a project, and how to find and manage equity partners. With these skills under your belt you’ll have ‘Trump-like’ skills to put together some truly amazing (and highly lucrative) deals.

Why This Is The Best And Only Property Development Course You’ll Ever Need

My strategies are not about accumulating lots of properties by piling on debt and then waiting for years for them to go up in value. My system is all about generating unencumbered properties that give you equity, passive income, and the ability to keep going as a developer. In my first three years as a developer, I accumulated two unencumbered properties giving me a passive income of $44,200 per annum and this was on top of another $515,000 that I generated in profits to reinvest in my next property development project.

The big takeaway I want you to get right now is I can help you to launch a successful career in property development… no matter what your current situation is. You see, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced property investor wanting to take the leap into developing property… …Or if you’re a raw newbie who has never bought a property before (and I can say that because, I went straight for property development myself — I had never bought an investment property and neither had I done a renovation project)… …My PDS Property Development Course is the most realistic, comprehensive program ever created to show how to replace your income and create the life you’ve always wanted as a property developer.

About Amber Khanna…

Amber Khanna came to Australia to study Accounting at La Trobe University (Melbourne) in 1996. When he returned to India to work in his family’s textile business, his parents asked him to oversee two residential and one commercial property development project. That’s when he discovered he was more passionate about property than textiles. Amber returned to Australia for more study and to start his career as a property developer. He now has formal qualifications including…

  • Masters in Business Administration (Finance & Marketing)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (Finance & Marketing)
  • Bachelors of Business (Accounting & Marketing)
  • Diploma of Finance & Mortgage Broking Management
  • Certificate 4 in Finance & Mortgage Broking
  • Industry Diploma in Property Development
  • REIV Agents Representative

… and has developed more than $35.9m in property, and helped dozens of students to find their first deal and become successful property developers.

Is Amber The Right ‘Mentor’ For You?

If you’re satisfied to merely treat property development as a hobby – something you just like to learn about – you’ll like the PDS Property Development Course…

…But the truth is, you may as well save your money and just buy a wardrobe full of books, go to all the latest property development seminars, and look for free info online. It will be a slow process of meandering through a minefield of misinformation, unproven theories, and lots of inspirational hype that may tickle your intellectual longings, but won’t help you actually achieve much.

On the other hand…

…If you like to learn from someone who has already done what you want to do… and is still active in the market today (not resting on past success) working on multiple projects including a massive mixed use development in Mordialloc value at around $35 million…

…If you are looking for the best property development course that teaches a proven system to make more money developing property part time than you make right now working for someone else…

…If you would like to build a portfolio of unencumbered properties and know for sure you are set for retirement – able to stop work whenever you like – with time and money to live a life of choices…

…If you would like the knowledge, skills, and tools to source and scrutinise profitable property development deals faster and more accurately than professional developers…

…And if you’d like to be the ‘go-to-guy’ for investors who want you to find and oversee projects while they supply all the money and share the profits…

…Then this is the best property development course bar none.